How to Add ‘/blog/’ Prefix in Blog Posts

wordpress blog permalink

Sometimes we need to segregate different types of URL under some categories. Say for example you have a Woo Shop then you have /shopto identify a product or you have custom post type say services then you have /service, So now suppose we also need show all single blog posts under /blog then to achieve this we simply have to change the Permalink Settings.

To do this first login into WordPress admin panel and then navigate to

Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks

Under Common Settings section select Custom Structure and set it to /blog/%postname%/

wordpress append blog in post permalink

Now our single post page is setup, we now need to also add /blog to category and tag archive page, to this we need to alter Optional section field value. Set blog/category in Category base, and blog/tag in Tag base.

wordpress append blog in post category permalink

That it! we have set everything without writing a single line of code.

Just one important note if we have any custom post_type then we need to add with_front to false in rewrite, for example:

$labels = [
"name" => __('Services', 'text-domain'),
$args = [
"label" => __('Services', 'text-domain'),
"labels" => $labels,
"rewrite" => ["slug" => "service", "with_front" => FALSE], //<-- SET with_front to FALSE
register_post_type("service", $args);

It’s that’s simple just a quick tips if we also need to add category name with blog to blog single post then we need to set Custom Structure to /blog/%category%/%postname%/.

wordpress append category in single post permalink