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Archive Page Singular Page Site Front Page Blog Posts Index page Error 404 Page Search Result Page archive.php index.php Author Archive author-$nicename.php $mimetype- $subtype.php author-$id.php author.php tag.php $subtype.php $mimetype.php attachment.php single-$posttype.php single-post.php category-$slug.php category-$id.php taxonomy- $taxonomy-$term.php taxonomy- $taxonomy.php category.php archive-$posttype.php tag-$slug.php tag-$id.php taxonomy.php date.php Category Archive Custom Post Type Archive Custom Taxonomy Archive Year Archive Month Archive Page Shown On Front Posts Shown On Front Day Archive Date Archive Tag Archive Attachment Post Custom Post Single Post Page front-page.php Custom Template Default Template If selected: $custom.php If selected: $custom.php $custom.php page-$slug.php page-$id.php Static Page Blog Post Page Template single.php page.php home.php 404.php search.php single- $posttype-$slug.php singular.php
For oEmbeds:
embed-{post-type}-{post_format}.php embed-{post-type}.php embed.php wp-includes/theme-compat/embed.php