Add your own music to the Windows 8 Music app

images hinh bai viet Windows8 drop1

Windows8-drop1To add your locally stored music to the Music app in Windows 8:

  1. At the Windows 8 Start screen, select the Desktop tile. This will take you to the classic desktop view.
  2. Select Windows Explorer (the manila folder next to the Internet Explorer icon).
  3. Under Libraries, select Music.
  4. Select Manage on the ribbon.
  5. Select Manage Library.
  6. Select the Add button.
  7. Select the folder where your music is stored, and then select Include Folder.
  8. Exit and then restart the Music app to make the new files appear. 

Note If your music is stored externally (for example, on a USB flash drive or an external hard drive), you can copy or move the content to any folder in the Library Locations field, and the Music app will pick up the content.