Fatal Error Class not found, help – Ql Forms Joomla error

QL Forms is a great joomla module that allows you to create forms using xml. You may encounter the error

Fatal Error Class “modQlformMessager” not found  

This is because there is an error in loading the specified class (caused by a mismatch in file names and their reference in helper.php) in the qlform module version mod_qlform 9.3.1

The solution is to locate “helper.php” and correct the errors in the names of the files loaded. This may be found in “modules/mod_qlform/” folder

edit line 11 in helper.php and check that the file names in the code match with the names of the files in “modules/mod_qlform/classes/

Correct code on helper.php line 11

[highlighter label=”CODE” linenums=”yes/no” startnums=”1″]$arr_files=array(‘modelModqlform’,’modelQlForm’,’modQlFormCaptcha’,’modQlFormMailer’,’modQlFormDatabase’,’modQlFormDatabaseExternal’,’modQlFormMessager’,’modQlFormSomethingElse’,’modQlformSomethingCompletelyDifferent’,’modQlformFiler’,’modQlformJmessages’,);[/highlighter]

That is all